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Awesome prototype. The art style and animations for the characters is well done! Exploring around and talking to all the characters was fun. The voices were fun to listen to! There’s some good comedy to be found. The music was pretty jamming as well!

Gameplay wise, the combat seems pretty simple. It’s usually attack three times and dodge to build up your friend meter, then use that to get some extra damage in. Hopefully some extra mechanics get added in to add some more depth to the combat. Being able to gather equipment and cook food for bonuses is a nice touch though. Hitting enemies also felt like it didn’t have any weight or impact, perhaps some additional animations or effects (SFX or Visual) would help with this.

The prototype was a bit buggy. Some of the bugs I ran into include:

  1. After defeating Ren, if you shop at her store, attempting to buy anything softlocks the game. (28:15 in the video)
  2. In the abandoned school dungeon, I wasn’t able to use any items I bought. (I did buy a bunch of apples but there were more than I bought and I wasn’t able to use any of them.) Seems like this happens if you buy too much of a single item…? (37.35 in video)
  3. When I fought Angela in the school, dying to her caused the game to softlock. (I was on her 3rd phase, but this happens throughout the game. 40:32 in the video)
  4. Vsync settings don’t seem to save after reboot.
  5. Voice audio levels aren’t equally leveled between characters. (Minor)
  6. Camera angles sometimes bug out. (Minor)
  7. Exiting to the title menu and attempting to continue does not work.

Also, I feel that the 3D objects and environments clash with the 2D character art style. It would be cool to see the entire town in a similar art style. Regardless, I had a very fun time with this prototype. Looking forward to the development of this game!


Thank you so much for the detailed critique! I will check into the things you brought up! Glad you enjoyed thank you again! :D