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Oh dear lord my heart aches. Literally the last bit I was like bro joyce, just stop and just ughh lol.  I don't cope well with cliffhangers but I will force myself to deal with it. I SHALL FORCE MYSELF TO LIVE ON UNTIL THE NEXT PART IS RELEASED. Anyway lol I LOVED the whole game. The art and story were both so on point! Like the art made me (a person who is just beginning to learn how to draw ajsnknk) wanna draw cause of how damn pretty it was. And all the writing was done so well! Like it was that good middle ground between too much detail and too little.

 Only thing I can complain about is adding more saving pages? I'm the type of person that likes to save at every decision (even if it doesn't affect the storyline) just cause i like to see what would have happened if I chose that choice instead and all that jazz. So it would be nice to have that ability but its a small thing. Otherwise really loved it and really excited for the next part!

Aaa thank you for all the kind words!! We're really happy you like the game!
We're still working on part 2 but right now we are aiming for a release in August so it hopefully won't be that much of a wait anymore!

And the lack of save slots is a fair point! We'll keep it in mind and see if we can add a few more with the next update.

Thanks for playing, and we hope you'll enjoy part 2 as well when it's released <3