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Hi CassiopeiaSD! Thank you for coming & for your warm support >\\\<

Yes, the scriptwriting is longer than I thought! The game will have a total of 5 Chapter + 1 Antagonist route, and I'm currently at the beginnings of Chapter 5! After that, CGs will be made along with programmig. So... I'm hoping to hit the racks at December/Winter 2018 like the teaser video suggested, but we'll see ^^;

In the meantime, to compensate my lateness, the originally cut down CGs will all be made + I'll add a few more BGs in winter and autumn area! *more info in my last update report~

And yes again! The final product will still be $15! However, there are still early bird packs for paypal users, so if you want to pre-order, click on the 'pledge with paypal' button for $10 early bird pack ^.^

Thanks again and hope to see you around! 



When the full release is out, will those that played the demo be able to load from there previous saves if they were not deleted?

Aah, I never tried putting a save file from demo to the full release so I'm not sure :S

You can try copy+paste the files from the save folder to the full release, but this is not guaranteed. I think the safe option is to play from the beginning again >< I'm sorry about this.

i  will try that when the full release comes out. Even if I have to start over,  it's not a big deal. I just asked because the demo is pretty long.  Thank You for making such great games!