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This is the best 2-d Platformer Demo I have ever played. The artistic demeanor this game radiates is pure beauty. I found myself at a loss for words in order to describe this game while I was playing through. I was thrown completely off by the feelings this game brings to the player, it is absolute positivity. I can sense the immense amount of work which went into this, and I am proud to say I have had the pleasure to play it. The music soundtracks are musically sublime and immersive, while the environments are visually pleasing and enticing. I cannot wait for the fully developed version from such a strong team of student developers. I recommend everyone of all ages play this game, because there is more to take away than a simple experience. Play this for yourself to see what this game brings out for you, for me it was joy. I truly hope all goes well in future development, because you have made such a wonderful start. Thank you for sharing your creative minds and your game!