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Thank you for 400 downloads!

You might have been noticing the red Wii Remote in Error Ware 2's logo. The Error Ware series has been compatible with that little love stick since the first game released in 2012.

When Development of Error Ware 2 began shortly after, the Nintendo WiiU had just been released and continued to support Wii Remotes, so I figured people still had them and added the good old motion controls to EW2 as well.

 But now the game has been in development for so long, Nintendo released   a whole new console in the meantime: the Nintendo Switch! Oh snap!

Since the WiiU did not sell that well many people sold their Wii or WiiU a long time ago,  working Wii Remotes are getting rare in peoples's homes, so why release a game with Wii Remote support in 201X? Switch is the hot stuff now, damnit!

Don't get me wrong, 
 EW2 will still fully support a single Wii Remote with motion controls, but I'm adding Joy-Con support, too! 

Unfortunately, I can't use all their features right now, but I've got them working as normal controllers. We'll see how much motion control I can get out of them!

The Wii Remote is still the best way to get the most out of Error Ware 2 in my experience, but I'll make sure the game's fun regardless of your input method of choice (and there are a lot of them!).

In my current build, you can play the game with

  • keyboard + mouse
  • one gamepad (Xbox, Playstation & WiiU / Switch Pro Controller Layout supported)
  • single Joy-Con Left + Right

since the gameplay is mostly in a "hot seat" style, players can share a controller, but you can also mix them as you like.

Phew, that was a long post! More news coming soon!