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after jumping unknowingly into the "to be continued" room, i decided to reset so i could continue exploring, but the title screen says, "Data incompatible. Please delete save." Is this possibly because i reset without letting the credits finish? This killed my motivation to keep playing for now, since i don't want to repeat stuff i just did, though i do plan to play through once the full version is released.

I love that it's non-violent, and i loved the exploration, puzzles, scanning, and the music. I didn't like the difficulty of a few of the jumps, but i still found them doable. Thank you for making such a lovely little game! :)

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thanks for the report, i gotta investigate what's going on. That message should only appear when I've updated the save format, and this isn't obviously the case here. The credits reset isn't to blame either, the game only saves when you touch the Salavia flower. I suspect the data is actually fine. If you can, it would help debugging if you sended the save file to borbware (at) gmail, it's a gibberish named file located in appdata/roaming/com.nesbox.tic/TIC-80/.local

Anyway, great that you liked the demo! Thank you for playing! :]