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DevLog #3 – Designing the story using articy:draft, part 1 out of 4



Black Bobby The Hole is a casual arcade game set in space with the main protagonist being a black hole.

Not a spaceship, not an alien...just a black hole...well sometimes different colors depending on his feelings.


The theme is similar to a lot of shoot'em up games, and a quick glance at the gameplay will reinforce that.

So apart from the fact that I replaced the usual spacecraft with a black hole, there is nothing too special about this game. Which is where the story comes in.

Most shoot'em up games have these serious stories about either enemies invading you or you invading them. Sure it's kinda the same thing here, but in a more funny lighthearted way.


The ultimate enemy is a thing called Fluffopath. He is also the one which sends small enemies towards Bobby.

Fluffopath is a cretin. He is an insulting troll that must be silenced.

So starting from that, I just added more silly to it.


This is the first story part of the game. It attempts to explain...things



I resorted to my game design tool of choice: articy:draft.

A sketch was already in my mind but it quickly dissipated as I was designing it since newer and better ideas came to mind. It's just so different to use pen and paper, or even worse, to just think of it - compared to when you actually have that visual cue you get from using a proper tool.


And the voice actor instructions which were gracefully carried out.


Next DevLog will be about the second part of the story with even more design workflow images! (I hope)