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I loved this game, made me gauge out my eyes. The ending was kinda weird and anti climatic since I wrote

My dog, being trans and that's it.

that made the ending feel like I still only have those to things instead of cheering me up. but thats my own fault not yours. I just really hope i can be myself and be happy one faithful day


hi yepsi,

i'm sorry the ending felt off to you, that was one of my worries about the whole input bit in regards to the ending. i hope that the good thoughts leading up to the ending helped with that at least a little bit. i don't think you should feel bad about yourself for not being able to come up with more things though, i know how hard it can be to think of good thoughts sometimes, took me forever to come up with ones i put in the game. just had to really sit down and think about it for quite a while. sounds like what you did put are great things to be happy about though, even if you may feel like you "still only have those things".  i don't think that feeling that way is in itself necessarily a bad thing, you gotta cling to what you have that makes you happy real hard and never let go. i think that if you gave it another go another day and thought for long enough you could come up with a third thing though. just gotta take tiny steps forward like that. thanks so much for playing, and for sharing your thoughts on the game. always keep fighting... hope is one hell of a weapon.