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Here are some of my requests for items in the game:

  • MicroSD card
  • SD card
  • Fidget spinner
  • Rubik's Cube
  • DVD
  • Laptop
  • Backpack
  • Fan
  • Bench
  • Bus stop shelter
  • Bed
  • Statue
  • Whale
  • Pond
  • Church
  • Mall
  • Airport
  • Continent after the (current) final stage

Objects like Mall (Known as shopping center) and Airport Terminal are already in the game The others, could be in the sequel If I had a team.

In the sequel, would I be able to roll up everything on planet Earth? What about the cosmos? Would you fill the gap (3-100 km) left by the official Katamari games?

I was thinking of stuff such as megamalls and airport runways