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some glaring flaws that really get in the way of enjoyable flying, especially in the larger missions... a couple of suggestions

We need the ability to use head tracking in 3rd person, cockpit view is fun and all but I prefer to play these games to look at the pretty aircraft, being forced into 1st person lest i want to use the terrible padlock handicap isn't any fun at all and too restrictive.

could also really use the ability to disable HUD elements piece-by-piece and even move them, minimalist HUD is a laugh and still gives you so much worthless information, I do NOT want everything in the dead center of my screen, I'm a little bit busy trying to fly and pick the best targets for the moment. Constantly having WARNING and MISSILE INCOMING  plastered right in front of my face  during the base assault scenario was so frustrating I had to alt-f4 after 10 minutes of play. the RWR beeping and its red lights should be your missile incoming warning, end of story.

the new base attack scenario really shows the glaring flaws with the HUD, it should  be high priority for next update, there is so much junk on screen it makes playing the game with large amounts of enemies and friendlies absolutely nauseating.

maybe even give us the chance to hide friendlies with a simple click of a button, or even replace the large boxes with a simple blue dot that sits in the center of their model, the boxes are way too much.

another thing i forgot to mention, it would be nice to be able to exit out of the menu by pressing escape instead of having to press resume, also being able to use all the menu options through the keyboard would be nice, maybe be able to use the number keys above qwerty.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Third person headtracking has been noted! As for the HUD itself, I have received a few comments regarding the overall look and intuitiveness it is so it is something we plan to change in the future. And I'll see what I can do about the friendly markers.


I agree with this as well but i think it would be a bad move to scrap all the progress made on the hud so far. There is a lot of things that are great for arcade flyers and there is a lot to be desired for flight sim enthusiasts. I would say if you had the time. An advanced hud option would be better than minimalist hud. If( like he said) you allowed us to remove all hud elements including the holographic display. And have them to be enabled individually. Also if we could rearrange them in sectors on the screen ourselves on the fly. You should eliminate the complaints about whats on the hud.  Currently since the internals of the cockpit aren't 1:1 yet and all the buttons in the cockpit are mainly useless. It would be awesome if you could add some remap-able indication lights somewhere in the cockpit. Like in the SU27 there is a missile warning LED flashed between RED and Yellow for warning an alert. If we could replace the on screen warning with an indicator light in the cockpit mode it would greatly reduce the headaches. The missile lock on tone lock sounds also need some help. They  are way to loud even after adjusting the volume. We already get pretty clear indication when missiles are locked visually, to hear it audibly at such a high frequency for seemingly the entire game is very exhausting. A volume slider for missile lock and missile inbound beeping would be a great addition. And for people like me who hate high frequency sounds a pitch slider for those two noises would make a world of difference. Since they are the main noises heard in the game.

thank you very much for taking the time to read this! I can't wait until it's a state where you guys feel comfortable enough to sell, i can't wait to throw my money your way!

love the game so much!