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Deluxe edition is showing on the DL page today ^^

Thank you Team Precatio !

Wonderful to know!

Sorry that the broken link keeps popping up... I finally found the reason why and have fixed it so it doesn't happen again!

Today...only the standard edition is showing...

Very boring /:

Hey Violette! 

We have removed the Deluxe edition for now as our game is now off the 'preorder' time period and will be moving into the full-priced version! 

Please look forward to playing it on Steam! ;)

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Ok but I have no Steam key...

I paid 33 dollars for a wallpaper XD

Can you give me your mail,I'll can send you a screenshot of my itchio purchase page.

Hey Violette! 

As mentioned we will only be sending out Steam keys from 31 Aug 9pm SGT onwards! Please be patient while we prepare your goodies and do a final check! :D

But...but...I need to play NAOW T_T

The Demo is awesome!