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Hey Anduo Games,

I wrote this list of things I hope to see in a future version:

*Jewel with a new sprite

*A option to go out of the motel with or without your bra.

*A option to go out of the motel with or without the badge (And there could be more scenes)

Btw: I didn't saw Jenna being fucked in the pussy or ass but I know you are gonna add it in the future.

* Jewel will have a dialogue sprite just like Jenna in 0.4, it's already finished and ingame in private development builds.

* In the current public version you can remove your bra freely at 30 perversion and your panties at 50 perversion.

* We'll look into adding scenes for badge-less encounters.

I noticed a few bugs too

*When you meet Jewel for the first time and she gets fucked by the crowd, if you go to the bathroom and then try to leave the bar you are gonna get a dialogue with Jewel but Jewel isn't in the screen

*In curfew, if you walk up the path before going to the abandoned house you see a guard just standing up and he doesn't do anything when you approach.

I think you already fixed this in version 0.4