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First off: I love this game. #1 reason I support you in any way I can. Not only does this game portray its ideas and themes very well, it does it in a non-intrusive way. There are the few glitches as Sakurahan mentioned, and a couple unintended skips, but those are to be expected. 

Also the Blackthornprod art style just the best.

I found this game very challenging the first time I played it, but by playing through it at least 50 times, I have it down to a science now. 

After my first 3 plays, I decided to speedrun it, time starts when you click New Game, and ends when you touch the final orange marker. I know that it defeats the purpose of the game, kinda, but this is one of the most simple, yet enjoyable speedruns I have ever done. My PB is 7:56.17, and I plan on improving that. 

- EDIT: I just got 5:48.65

Thanks so much for the incredibly motivating feedback Wisp :) !! I'm so happy you connected with this game, it's also one of my favorite creations made so far ! My speedrun record is 7:30, a huge well done for the 5:48 ! I believe the ultimate record so far is 5:12 so you're really not far :) !