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Hey, I decided to buy the game, It really good! But is like putting a beast in a cage! Try other platforms. This game has really good graphics, and the best thing is about how un-serious this game is... Like if you press 'F You will get a skrem, probably the best feature!

Also..There's a good amount of customization on this game! The story isn't "good", It's really cute! Keep on going! Also, I'd like to address one issue.  Although I had some money to waste, many other people do not! and the description doesn't explain much to the user, A demo would be cool! and, the fact that this game can be adjusted through most means is awesome! As long as you have, Unity or a code editor, the modding capabilities are ENDLESS! I managed to import a skating person model and managed to make the birds into actual people! I even was able to import small car models in place of the skateboards and managed to make the birds have a sitting animation in it, IT WAS SO CUTE! Please continue the development of this game and a multiplayer would be appreciated to connect with other birb buddies, alrighty I'm getting bored and might indulge in a skrem unless and until I play the game, so BYE!


FYI it's on multiple other platforms already (steam, switch, uh probably other consoles I don't care about)

Oh yeah. I should have looked into it...