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I think I need to cleanse those [6]s (and maybe [7]~[9]) with 0.2 million shards per second.  I can't find anything new after the luck increasing thingy. Am I missing something important?

I have 6 shop upgrades, 4 luck tokens and max sweep upgrade.

There’s nothing much after luck tokens iirc, just grinding out tiles mostly Did you get the [5]s at the bottom of the map?

I think it’s also kinda broken on mobile, in case you’re playing on a phone. Can you scroll down in the shop? There’s 9 total upgrades there.


Yes, I am playing on mobile.

I couldn't scroll the shop screen under the 6th upgrade. 

But anyway I'm enjoying this gawn again on PC and this time it seems to be working good.

Anyway, thank you for your support!