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Most of the terms for smart controls are equivalent to input axis settings, for clarification:

  • Deadzone - values of smaller magnitude aren't returned
  • Gravity - how quickly the value moves to 0
  • Speed - how quickly the value moves towards it's raw input value
  • Snap - if the raw input value is positive and the current value is negative, snaps to zero (and vice-versa)
  • Scale - any returned value gets multiplied by this
  • Invert - if true returned values are multiplied by -1

Sounds like you figured it out but for anyone reading this later; normalClip means a GetVector() call won't return a vector with a magnitude of more than 1 - this is just so you don't get issues where players will travel faster if they press up and right on a keyboard (or whatever).

The GetVector behaviour could do with some work to improve it in this regard I think, maybe 2-dimensional SmartControls?  Anyway if there's any other terms you think need explanation let me know and I'll add them to the documentation or something, I'm pretty blind to what isn't apparent since I often pick terms that make sense to me, and they don't make sense to everyone else...