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I uploaded a new version (v1.1) of the game here. I got rid of filenames with umlauts (hopefully I got them all), and built the game using a version of Unity that does not have the duplicate input bug. Issue 2 might still be present (i.e. the game is probably not marked as an executable) but I can look further into it once the other issues have been solved. If you are still interested in trying the game out, let me know if there are still issues.

Again, thanks for the feedback!


OK! I have downloaded the new version on Linux and played it all the way through, hooray! You are correct that the executables need marking as executable -- this was fine for me to do by hand, but it will stop the game working when installed through the desktop app. Also, when running the game in a window, the game hides the mouse pointer and disables switching away from the app, which is a bit disconcerting and rather defeats the point of running it in a window :-) But it does run successfully now, and I have played it and enjoyed it on Linux; nice work!