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hey there, thanks for trying the game! 

I expected some people criticising the isometric aspect of it and I‘m sure there are many places left in the game where the player or other blocks can get stuck because of being overlapped by something else. I tried my best to minimize this and in many situations you just need to turn the camera (I don‘t know if you saw that you can do this?) to the right angle until you can see the otherwise obstructed object. This is sort of a base concept of the game: make your way until you can’t go any further, then turn the camera and see a few new opportunities.

I‘d be interested in knowing if you knew about the ability to turn the camera as it‘s the only mechanic in the game that can‘t be learned by just trying to click things and I can see how a player misses that.

Ooooooh... I had no idea the camera was movable. Whoops.