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ah, i see the misunderstanding, i'll clarify.

while it's true i don't buy free games. i have downloaded a ton of them. newgrounds, and kongregate were my main places to waste my time away. interesting enough, if those games were 5 usd and presented themselves well enough, i'd have spent it.

though i think it's great with what is doing allowing the player to pay what they think is appropriate. the thought never occured to me to use it, probably because my habitual binge free playing in the past led me to not be considerate doing so. so i'll reflect on that.

hopefully the insight of one potential buyer and my candid thought process can be of some use.

Thank you for that.

Are you absolutely sure some games shouldn't be under $5 though, what if it's a neat little thing that only lasts for 2-5 hours? Those are being perfectly self-respecting, and being respectful and honest to the buyer.

(Unless your a shovelware developer, of course. XP)

trying to explore my thoughts on that.

it's as if i have a wish for the bottom price for paid games to be 5 usd. and my expectations for a 5 dollar game is already low, my thoughts is that it's already less than min wage. so when i do see a nice looking game for less than 5 my immediate thoughts are, 'what's the catch?'. it's unfounded suspicion that shouldn't happen, but it does.

i'm going to make silly comparisons to attempt to figure out why this is. to me anything less than 5 dollars is equivalent to a snack. which i feel like even a game at all is worth more than that. and i notice that i'm willing to pay more than 8 dollars for a 1-2 hour movie. personally i enjoy small games more than movies-- so that bias itself might have to do with my thought process.

i guess what it just comes down to, i feel like games are already undervalued with the exception of triple A titles feeling overvalued. and i'm personally willing to drop 5 usd on a game that looks promising, even if it's just for an hour.

and even if these feelings don't match with the rest of the populace, i kinda wish it did.


"and even if these feelings don't match with the rest of the populace, i kinda wish it did."

I feel ya bro, that's me a lot too.