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NCR - U talking about the DEMO or the FULL GAME? If you don't have the time to play then I don't know what to say,
most of us want games to be as long as possible and take up many days!
Personally, part of the thing I love about games like AGGELOS is that I can play for a few hours every day.
When I get stuck, I put it down and come back later.
If the game is good enough to keep going back to, as Aggelos is, eventually I figure it out and when I do, it makes my day!
ANYHOW tell me if you're playing the DEMO or FULL GAME and explain specifically & exactly where you are and I will be glad to help.
The only issue I have with this "forum" is it reformats my text.

It seems that as soon as devs get onto STEAM, they totally ignore other mediums. I don't like that and I don't
like STEAM. This place is dead now during the time it should be the most active! But no one on ITCH.IO can even
purchase the game from ITCH.IO now! Not cool to ITCH.IO or it's users. I will never use STEAM.