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Great little demo!

1. It would be great to turn off controller vibration. I have a controller plugged in but fly with my HOTAS (with the controller vibrating all over the desk)

2. Add Track-IR functionality (trying to use FaceTrack/opentrack but it will not work with my webcam - too much fussing with IR filters etc)

3. Where is the indication when a missile is loaded and ready to fire? is it the click noise or is it shown on the hud?

For point 3 which view are you using, because each view has a different way it's indicated visually.

I switch between cockpit and HUD only, hardly ever use the external view. 

On a side note, I managed to get Face Track running acceptably and it transforms PW, can't wait for proper Track-IR integration!

@darkhelix when using the minimalist cockpit mode the missile reloads are indicated by the sound of a gun cocking back. its very faint at times and can get drowned out with other noises. 

About the indication of missiles, there are 4 numbers on the right down side of the HUD, I still can't figure what's 1 meant for, but 2 shows how many missiles current ready for fire, and 3 shows how many missiles are in reserve. 4 shows the currently selected missile type.