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its relaxing but its just a prototype. but i still like it. the only issue is fps drop and need more jellyfish :D. is this prototype gonna be like auralux?

Hi! Thanks for the video, it's much appreciated!

About the fps drop, we are aware of the issue and are working on it actively, also, this game started as our graduation project and we are planning to continue working on it and add new features, there is more information on our devblog : 

About the "jellyfishes", you can actually have more by popping bags (a bag appears when you move the camera outside of your network, then you can make your creatures move around it to make it pop and release new creatures.)

when will be the next update release? i would enjoy this type of game :D

We're working on it but we don't have  release date for now. We're not a studio so we can't work full time on the prototype, but we'll try to release an update as soon as possible. If you want more information you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook (most of it is in French but we're working on translation right now)

See you there, and thanks again for your video :)