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Did you make everything yourself? If so, I'm impressed, even if this isn't a full "commercial" game.

The art style is really nice and self-consistent. There could've been more animations for the main character -- especially for the dash -- but it's fine for what you're showing here.

The real issue I had was figuring out that I could dash updwards. It took me forever to figure out. I'll be honest, I was drunk while playing this, but I didn't give up because the background music was so pleasant.

The wall jumping felt very, like, uncomfortable and took away from my enjoyment. Also, the basic jump sound sounds very "cartoon-y", as if it came from Mario, and it really didn't fit the tone of the game. 

I also ran into a few bugs. One where I fell off the level by going left from the starting points of a level. Another was where I died by running into the coral (or the pink spikes) when I felt I was nowhere near them.

There's really something here but it requires a profound level of polish to really be marketable. On the other hand, the art is far and above the best thing here. It feels otherwordly and lends itself to nice environmental storytelling.

I really hope you continue down the game-making road.