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You've absolutely nailed the art style and really managed to evoke some nostalgia for retro metroidvainias, more castlevania than anything else, but I see the inspiration from both. The upgrade and ability progression is fantastic and it really lent a sense of momentum to the demo. However, I did find the combat system somewhat stale due to the fixed angles and lack of air control, these might be personal preference, but I talk about it extensively at the end of the episode. The strangest thing to me was the music choice though. There were some instances where it was okay, but others where it didn't fit at all. Smooth jazz doesn't really fit in an undead filled cavern... But the whole package looks pretty promising! Well done!

Hi CoalFire! Thanks for the video and the feedback! I posted a response to some of your concerns in the comments section of your video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!