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Everything about this VN is phenomenal. The artwork is lovely: textured but not overcrowded. The setting is such fun, the atmosphere and mood of the speakeasy is smooth like good chocolate. The characters are each one unique and well-developed, and I just love the old language (with that witty built-in glossary!!). I look forward to playing through all the characters because the story is so engaging that I feel excited to see the full creation. 

I wanted to say that among my very favorite things is the simplicity of the choice branching system. For one thing, it makes for easy replay if you want to view the different possible endings quickly. But what's really valuable to me is  the way it opens up thought about how seemingly small, innocuous words and choices can have a profound impact on the world and on other people. As you play the main character, you don't even realise at first how her words have affected other characters so strongly. Usually its the loud, powerful words that people focus on as being important. But in Alexei's branch (I haven't played the others yet), he is only able to hear the MC's strong words at the end if she has earlier on acted in a way that gains his trust and establishes herself in his eyes as thoughtful and caring. An early attempt at self-responsibility and a single expressed desire to end fighting between friends prevents Alexei from dying horribly in the end? What a way to say that it's the small things that matter! And the differences between those choices are so subtle! 

I love subtlety. Thank you for the creation of this beautifully touching, provocative visual novel.