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this one the legit scary horror games tha you can find on the internet the only problem is that there much to do or to explore in the game it is extremely short ....hopefully you will a newer version of this game you could use the obejcts around the enviroment to for example give clues and evidences showed how these clowns turned from normal clown to evil clowns wether if it is visual or audio clues like pictures or objects that show hey before and the point they changed or personal objects that belong to the clowns or their families or even mirror or paintings and expande the house and the enviroment fuuther ....anyway  good luck

Thank you very much!

so will make  new version of this game please ?

I am currently working on another game, Pawn of the Dead. I might work on a sequel of Clown House after Pawn of the Dead.

that great awesome good luck