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Oh boy this game had me in tears of joy. Conquest felt like playing every ace combat boss fight one after another. Conquest absolutely destroys Gauntlet mode in AC:Zero. Absolutely loved it! Once you get passed level 7 oh man oh man. And dem Su-37s! they literally had me thinking back to Ace Combat 4. Not gonna lie I thought I was gonna be able to smash the crap out of this mode with the SV-37 I did make it to the 2nd to last level then I ran out of missiles and machine gun ammo. I tried to down the HVT with my rockets as a last resort. They didn't work unfortunately lol. 
After that just saved up to get that F-18 and it basically put the game back on a regular difficulty. I feel like this game mode will need some tweaking though. At some points its super easy and at some points its kind of overwhelming. But I dig it. If it made it to the final game in this form id still be happy. Honestly Im overall very impressed with this update. Great work!


Glad you enjoyed it RaptorElite!

The gamemode does need a metric ton of tweaking and balance fixes. Hopefully I can address some of them in an upcoming final patch. That being said, please look forward to the full game!