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**Warning** This contains minor spoilers! *Warning**

I am absolutely in LOVE with this game~! It took my breath away and made me really FEEL the stories!

Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

You know after reading a lot of the comments below, I was surprised to see that not many people were fond of Rama. But actually he is my favorite! He intrigued me with his personality and background story more than the other guys, and even in Mitra and Reksa's routes I was devastated at his suicide. So i saved him for last and damn, he is so amazing. I love the complexity of his past and character, and even his drawn out epilogue (poor Tamara, three years?!). But it was so worth it! His route made me feel the strongest and the epilogue literally had me crying along with Tamara out of happiness. Happy endings always get me~! <3

I especially enjoyed how raw and emotional his route was, while still remaining realistic (well as much as it can for a fantasy visual novel). I thought how he grieved, his pain, his reactions to Tamara, and how long it took him to get over Ayu (but he finally did hehe, i ship RamaXTamara SO HARD) were all very REAL and I appreciated that so much. I connected with him in a lot of ways!

I could go on all day about that fine piece of man meat but I won't. X'D

What makes you consider to play this game?

Well I mean, it's a very interesting premise! You sold it on this page really well too, the description got me hooked and then reading people's comments and seeing how much they loved it? I knew I had to try and DAMN am I glad I did! So many sexy men. X'D

Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most?

Overall, I am simply amazed at the detail and love that went into this visual novel. I'm still stunned that this is free! Holy cow, I am so lucky lol. The characters were all very different and complex, each with their own unique backstory. But they all managed to be woven together perfectly. The amount of creativity and dedication that obviously went into this is why I wanted to comment so badly, something I rarely do. You deserve to know that you are amazing.

The art was beautiful, once again details are KEY here. And you sure know how to make attractive characters, hot damn. X'D

I think my favorite part is definitely the stories. I admire you for being able to touch on such heavy topics such as suicide and rape without it weighing down the stories, in fact, in my opinion it added to them! Because once again that brings in the emotions, this visual novel made me feel for the characters (including even minor characters and the MC!) like no other visual novel has done before, and I don't say that lightly. Especially Rama, and yes I loved Tamara. Sometimes it can be hard to like the character you're playing, in fact a lot of visual novels suffer from poor MC depth and characterization. I don't know how many times I've come across an MC who is weak and wimpy and pathetic or on the other spectrum, so amazing in every way. =.=

Tamara was very refreshing. She was weak in body yes, but she had her moments where she kicked ass. Her spirit was strong, she was kind and everyone loved her and YET she definitely had flaws. I think her kindness is what i loved the most about her (aside from her sense of humor and not taking anybody's shit lololol), especially in Rama's route. *Squeal* I absolutely adore them, I know I'm gonna replay this game~!

Reksa was the first one I played and I liked him a lot, gotta say there's just something about a manly man that gets me all hot and bothered. X'DD But normally I actually don't go for the brooding bad boy type so I was pleasantly surprised when his character turned out to be MUCH more. His past, the fact that not all Komodo's were bad, the truth behind the war that really shocked me (that's another thing i must applaud you on, i love me some drama!). And during his epilogue when he was all possessive ('you're mine!') I nearly died, god so sexy~! <3

Mitra was my least favorite, though that in no way means I disliked him! He is an amazing character like the rest, I suppose he was just a little too predictable for me. I still thoroughly enjoyed playing his route, so sweet and charming (and hot!). <3

And you already know I'm head over heels for Rama LOL. XD <3

I love how much detail went into the minor characters too though! Asih and her husband Yuda, both of whom I adore, and Yuda is just downright hilarious. Granny, and the triplets and I think my favorite, Reksa's fellow Komodo, Purba. Purba has to be all time favorite villain (and oh my god he's sexy~!) in a visual novel lol, yeah he's horrible and I love him. XD I love how his defeat in each route kind of implied that there was more to him then meets the eye and I feel like there could have been a great opportunity to explore his depth. I totally would have played his route if that were, you know, a thing. XD But that would probably be really hard to do, so he'll just stay mysterious~

Looks wise, i at first thought Reksa was the best looking but Rama's CG's were SPOT ON and ugh, I have never been so attracted to blonde hair before LOL. Especially the epilogue CG where he's sleeping? Oh, so cute~! <3 Overall though, all very attractive characters and that is in part due to the amazing art. :)

Do you have any question or constructive critiques?

Honestly, not much! When I say this game is one of my favorite ever and I'm in love with it, that's the truth! I read over the comments before I started the game and so I was expecting the shaking. At first it was a little hard to get used to I admit, especially because it was just a constant thing even in instances where I thought it wasn't really necessary. However, as I played the visual novel more I became used to it and in fact, in certain ways I think it really enhances the story and I can definitely see what you were going for. I just think that maybe there should be an option in the menu to turn off the shaking? That way for people who don't care or enjoy it like me, they can just play through but those who don't like it, they can turn it off without it affecting their game play, and hence, their opinion on the game. But other than that, nope I loved this visual novel, 10/10!

Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it?

Oh HELL yes! Like i mentioned earlier, I'm still shocked at the fact that this was free! Simply because of the amount of work and dedication I can clearly see went into this. You could have easily charged money for it and it would have been so, so worth it! But then again, when I first found this I was strapped for cash (LOL couple days ago, haven't stopped playing since I installed it) so super glad it was free lol. But yes, because I have seen what you are capable of, if you come out with another visual novel that obviously interests me (demo included), then I would definitely buy it because I know you won't let me down. :D

This game is so original and beautiful and sexy and amazing. XD Thank you so much, and I hope this helps~! <3

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Hi Jeelyn!

Thanks for visiting and reviewing! I enjoyed reading this very much :'3 I apologize for the late reply; I was busy preparing my next project you see >.<;;

1. Aww, I agree that Rama needs more love :'3 but it's okay since everyone has their own tastes ~

But I'm very happy to hear how you immersed yourself in Rama's route! It was a challenge writing his story -but I'm glad I did! Even though it involves me playing lots of angst songs/instrumentals to get my muse :'))

But seriously, his bad end is probably one of the most emotional scenes I've ever written Q_Q

Thank you for loving this little child of mine <3 I'll make sure to deliver your love ~

2. Thanks! I tried my best x'D

3. You're spoiling me rotten *cough* but I'm not complaining! I'm very happy to see all my boys are being loved >////<

I think I have more room for improvements; the details are a bit unclear at some events (like, Tamara's past). I think I got a bit impatient in the middle of the story and skipped some important things; much to my dismay; but I'll definitely do better next time to make you and other readers happy :'3

Though... it will involve a lot of waiting in your part >.<; I hope you'll be patient with me :'3

As for Purba... lol, I know that feeling! I love antagonist characters too and wish to date them in some games; like Kuja and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy Series? x'D They sometimes attracts me more than the MC/protagonist *swoons

4. Thank you~ I'll do my best to meet your expectation in my next game :'3

5. YAY! thank you so much for the support! x'D

see you around!