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Hi Stuart!

I'm really sorry to hear that the game did not work on Linux. Thank you for your thorough testing! I really appreciate it.

I was unable to test the Linux and Mac builds personally, and just compiled them in Unity. I still decided to release them because quite often they don't seem to need further tweaking. I hid the Linux build for now, so that other people will not have to be disappointed.

I can definitely remove the umlauts in filenames. Honestly, I should have done that to begin with. I can probably also find a way to mark the executable as Linux executable somehow. Unfortunately, the issue 4 seems like a much more annoying issue to debug, as the system works as intended in Windows. I will look into whether there are known differences in how the input fields work in Unity between different operating systems. If I find a likely culprit, I will upload a new version of the Linux build.

Again, thank you very much for your thorough report!


The double typing is a known bug in Unity. It's fixed in a coming release. I'm affected by it when I play rust. Everyone laughs at my double-typing characters in chat. I'm told it only affects people using GNOME desktop environment on Linux, and is fixed in a later update to Unity.


Yup, found the bug report as well. I might try to build again using the beta release and hope it does not break any other features. :)