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Thank you. I'm currently working a partial Spanish translation (HUD, etc.) with some help. Otherwise I'm not gonna change anything else. There's eventually gonna be some new user-made stories. Do you have an page for your project yet?

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Nice, always good to leave tools in place for community content for fans cause as developers we eventually gotta make that tough call of "It's time for something new." and let our project rest as is.

As for an page for my own projects... I probably should have been a little more clear. Aside from a few small projects that are floating around the web from years ago, I rarely create many actual games. But I have dozens of journals full of game design documents for various projects.

I'm no artist, nor sound designer, and I can code well enough but I just don't enjoy it very much, so I find that my time is much better spent producing game systems, rules, stories, design principles and more that I keep in a library of sorts for future development.

As to if I'll ever make any of these games, perhaps one day I'll hire a team of talent and see what can be done. But I'm happy enough building the worlds, characters, rules, and systems of play all in my mental kingdom for now. It's also the case that I love ALL sorts of games: video, sports, card games, board games, I love the idea of creating arbitrary rulesets that create meaningful experiences for those who engage with them. So some of the projects I've created are things of those varieties. 

In fact, despite more gamers viewing sports as "game with ball," I think the world is sorely lacking in new types of sports and we should have many more with much more variety. Anyway, I'm waaaay off topic now, but yeah. Brigand: Oaxaca is good so far, though jumping/platforming is a bit stiff and frustrating. (I'm at around 25 Agility now, maybe with more it will get a little better.)