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Brian Lancaster

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Just fixed a HUGE bug where party member destinations would get scrambled constantly after loading a game, making it unplayable.

May have forgotten to patch the EXE with the 4GB patch, not sure. Uploaded it again to be safe.

Thanks! Fixing now.

Thank you.

Oops, just fixed a major bug where giving/recieving items in dialogue was fucked up.

Fixed a crash when changing keybindings from journal window.

v7.6B: Ratfolk is now a faction.

Updated the object adjuster tool again. You can now change all 3 axes at once with W,A,S,D,Q,E keys.

Also, one day I'm gonna have a function to copy/paste maps from other story files, so I could paste all the maps from all the stories into one giant story file. But that's distant future.

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You have a Steam version, right?

It's actually not working yet cause I have an autocorrect for maps over 100 just so old saves will be temporarily compatible. Players just have to save with this patch first, then the next patch I'll take that limit off.

Nice, no idea why that would be, but good news.

Send me an email and I'll give you a Steam key to see if it works there: blancaster (at) gmail

Did you check the install folder under the saves directory

You mean the map is blank? What's the file size of your save (for the main game), and how many times has that happened?

v5.8B: bombs are now shown being thrown (like stones/arrows). Last update for a while because I'm gonna just be working on Chapter 2.

Hells ya! Thank you. I might get Linux again soon, since it seems like Steam Proton works with almost everything.

I haven't played it and I'm looking for something to play

Version 11.7C: (PANAMA) Hutch now has 90% bullet resistance until Ch.4.

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Version 11.5B: Added an extra line for the abilities list in the character info screen. Final final update.

Thanks. I'm hoping to have Warlordocracy Chapter 2 ready by New Years and leave early access.

Only one EXE for now. Next patch, I'll have to EXEs. AGK makes that complicated.

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You can quick fix it with the world editor. Target the party member, hit F2, click, type "type=sentient" then ENTER, then ESC. Otherwise I have no idea.

Whoops, bad bug from this patch that's fixed now: commanding the party wasn't moving the selected characters correctly.

If you make something good enough to sell as a DLC, the Steam profits go to you.

Also custom stories. It was getting full with all the DLC. Fuck, I wish there was more user-made DLC, though.

Fucked up the nutrition/hydration/fatigue system in the last update. Fixed now with Demo v2B.

> Look at window

It's a pretty clean window. There are some finger prints on it, though.

Oh dude, it's fun as hell. Once you get the sentence parser working, you can like, make AI bots that respond to you and make you pass Turing Tests, etc. Also, interactive fiction (w/ text parsers) allow you to make weird little grammar problems, like "look AT window" vs. "look THROUGH window" or "look OUT window".

I can't play any text-based game unless there is an AI sentence-parser function. That's what makes it fun.

Text adventure = command window where it parses sentences into verb + preposition + indirect object + direct object. So that's what text adventures should be. Multiple choice text adventures are way too simple to be fun.

Ooooh, the error message happens when you kill the target with a poison glaive. Gonna fix it soon.

Oh shit, that first bug with Ballistic is one of those anomalies I have no control over. I'll check on that glaive error message right now, though.

Ya, you can set the main player to a butterfly if you want. Same thing with Brigand, I just don't have a 3D butterfly model.

That stuff should be fixed with the latest patch. Thanks again.

Hell ya. Thanks for the bug reports. Definitely gonna fix them in the next patch. The Ally of Chaos spell is only in NIGHTMARE and PANAMA DLCs.

Maybe I just need to set waypoints that lead back to myself, and reflect upon... my... fuck pathfinding.

Does that mean I get a lot of sex? Because I don't.

Thank you.

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Thank you. I'm currently working a partial Spanish translation (HUD, etc.) with some help. Otherwise I'm not gonna change anything else. There's eventually gonna be some new user-made stories. Do you have an page for your project yet?