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Brian Lancaster

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The newly-updated, full version of Brigand will be on Steam soon: http://store.steampowered.com/app/652410/Brigand_Oaxaca/

The old full version has been removed from itch.io (for the time being).

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Hello all. I just released the full version of Brigand: Oaxaca, a challenging FPS/RPG hybrid set in post-apocalyptic Mexico.

My main inspiration for the gameplay was the original Deus Ex, but I wanted to have a Fallout setting. I actually began working on this game before Fallout 3 was released, thinking I was gonna be the first to make an FPS game with a Fallout-inspired setting. Oh well. If you like either of those games, please try out Brigand.

I also have a world editor, scripting system, and importable story files that I will release at a later date.

This game is hard, and I guess it will take people over 50 hours to complete.

Purchase the game here: https://blancaster45.itch.io/brigand-oaxaca

Or try the free demo: https://blancaster45.itch.io/brigand-oaxaca-demo

It looks like I'll have to push the release date back about 4 days to 4/24/17. I still need time to play test everything and make sure there are no game-breaking bugs. Tens of thousands of lines of AI scripts, conversations, etc. can get a little messy. On the bright side, I am completely done with voice acting.