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Does that mean I get a lot of sex? Because I don't.

Thank you.

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Thank you. I'm currently working a partial Spanish translation (HUD, etc.) with some help. Otherwise I'm not gonna change anything else. There's eventually gonna be some new user-made stories. Do you have an page for your project yet?

Oh fuck, thank you

It's the BRIGAND - OAXACA story with lots of new items and baddies from the BRIGAND - PANAMA DLC, and also an extra optional map for the voodoo-inclined.

I just want there to be no more script bugs. Then it will be finished, and I will leave the future to user-generated content (some of which will be premium content and paid for, like NWN1). But right now I'm 100% focused on Warlordocracy.

Don't know how to PM you on itch and I'm kinda drunk, so PM me on Steam

Naw. I can just give you one, though


Did you get my Steam friend request

Had to request more, so it will be another day. Private msg me on Steam

Downloading immediatel

No, it's just a hi-res character skin pack for Oaxaca. I'll put other extras here later, though.

Alright, I can do a demo. It's just a DLC, but I can put in the first map as soon as the stable version comes out in a couple weeks.

It might be an anti-virus program. They have had weird effects before.

It's working on my computer. Is V7 working for you? It should work on Windows 10, but have you tried properties and compatibility mode?

Half Life is a major compliment. Thank you.

I have one idea about the framerate. It might be just a couple of higher-poly objects when you walk across them. I'll look into it in a bit.

Thanks. I still need to update the demo, also.


damn fun

lol sleep

Demo V3 has been released. Also, check out Steam for the new full version, 2.0. There have been many bug fixes, and there is now a world editor.

New demo released, the first 2 maps of the updated version of the full game. Download the full version on Steam:


Hi Vitowns. You have to play on Badass difficulty for the hunger system.

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Hello all. I just released the full version of Brigand: Oaxaca, a challenging FPS/RPG hybrid set in post-apocalyptic Mexico.

My main inspiration for the gameplay was the original Deus Ex, but I wanted to have a Fallout setting. I actually began working on this game before Fallout 3 was released, thinking I was gonna be the first to make an FPS game with a Fallout-inspired setting. Oh well. If you like either of those games, please try out Brigand.

I also have a world editor, scripting system, and importable story files that I will release at a later date.

This game is hard, and I guess it will take people over 50 hours to complete.

Purchase the game here:

Or try the free demo:

It looks like I'll have to push the release date back about 4 days to 4/24/17. I still need time to play test everything and make sure there are no game-breaking bugs. Tens of thousands of lines of AI scripts, conversations, etc. can get a little messy. On the bright side, I am completely done with voice acting.