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hello again,

I noticed a couple of bugs :

- The .swf game doesn't work on Firefox but only in Chrome.
- Both the "extra training" and "take a break" buttons do nothing (no matter if it's running on windows, linux, flashplayer ...)
- It's impossible to use the keys "1" and "2" on Linux and Windows if one want to change the colors of the shirt color of the teams during a match. It works on Android and FlashPlayer though.

Bests, Fabrice.

swf game won't be update anymore because there's no more support from the browsers, intact actually you can play only on chrome

Also we're actually rewriting the game  so all this small bugs won't be anymore on the upcoming version!

Great to know you are still working on it !!
When do you think it will be ready ?
Is there anyway to help ?