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I enjoyed this game a lot! I played all the endings and each one of them were amazing. I actually laughed out loud at some points (especially the joke ends oml) and it's such a nice game for when you feel like playing but don't necessarily wanna think so much and just have a fun time! For any of you guys reading the comments before playing... if you aren't up for some straight up weiner action... don't choose the "yaoi" censor option lmao. (No shame if you do, tho... that's what I chose huehue.) Good job on this game!! Y'all are great uwu

Omg, we're so sorry for only replying now!  Thank you so much for playing our game so extensively! We're happy you enjoyed all the endings and the game itself. We definitely wanted it to be just a fun little experience so we're glad that was the case for you!

Thanks for playing <3