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Sorry to reopen an old thread, but it looks like 2d50 is *exactly* what you're going for, with more likely results in the middle (near 50). I programmed a d50 in Sophie's Dice (also available through Itch) and rolled up some NPCs for tomorrow's game; this is a fantastic resource! 

That's awesome! It's great to hear all this stuff is helping folks out. Oh, also, if you didn't see it there's a companion app available so that you don't have to break out the dice (digital or otherwise) and can get results straight from the table. I just launched it yesterday and, though it's still an early version, it's got everything but the villain plans and pre-rolled NPCs in it. No definitions or long-form explanations in it yet that the book provides but it should help if you're doing prep-work and want stuff done in a hurry.

Best of luck with your game!