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A platformer with drawing mechanics. It's not the first game to come along with this mechanic, but Adventures of Stickman does a pretty good job keeping it minimalistic.

Because, let's face it, who didn't draw stick man cartoons back in school?

Anyway, the graphics are basic, as to be expected. The music's okay, but there's an awkward pause when it loops back around. The controls are good, with the drawing mechanics being pretty well programmed. The physics are a little off, but coming from a small indie game, it's not game-breaking in the least.

Overall, it's not the best platformer in the world. But, the drawing mechanics takes Adventures of Stickman from a good game a pretty damn good game.

Hey thanks! Really appreciate the feedback! "The music's okay"- that was the best part, since I didn't have any experience with music prior to making this game:) I thought everybody will bleed from their ears after hearing it.