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Got this for free during the giveaway. I was worried the controls would be kind of awkward hearing "it just uses the mouse" cause I've had bad experiences with mouse-only games, but the controls were fine actually.

The only other problem I had was that I initially thought the white things were enemies and got really confused when they didn't die and I couldn't make it to the yellow thing I had to shoot (granted, I also started on the fifth level for no real reason, but even in the second level it was a little confusing to be honest cause there was no real indication that wasn't an enemy, but I'm also dumb so it's ok).

Other than that, I like this a lot and whenever I have some money to spare, I think I'll actually buy the game some time. 4/5


Thank you for the kind words. The white things has come up before, I thought to force the player to touch them but it seems it causes some frustration in some players. I might stop them spinning to make them look more friendly :)