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Lovely game! I never grew up playing Pokemon, but this is just such a joy to play.

Two problems I've found though.

1. Smokeballs for some reason don't get 'used' so if you even have one you have an infinite amount.

2. After getting the apple and going over to the guy who wants the apple, along the way my game glitched and every few steps (on any tile) it would glitch into a battle.

EDIT: I believe this was cuased by me not actually clearing my inventory. I thought I was down to 10, but I wasn't, so it glitched out.

Also, is there no way to restart to a new game?

PS. Do you plan on expanding this game?


Thank you for the kind words, Chris! I will fix the issues in the next version.

I don't think I will expand on this a lot in the future but I have ideas for a few minor upgrades(trainers, endgame goal...). I am also at the limit of Pico-8 tokens so I can not add too much more.