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bad games inspire me. especially ones with so much potential to being an amazing game. the aggravation this causes me propels me to break down the game as much as possible, then to rebuild it up the way 'i believe it should've been'.

this introduced me to how much fun game design is. spending night and day toiling at trying to solve problems, and finally seeing all the pieces come together beautifully feels me with, oh so much joy. then i forget about it and move on with my life.

if all games were good, then i'd probably never stop playing them. so i'm thankful for bad games helping me find my passion in game design.


That's actually really interesting. A lot of game design is about problem solving as you mentioned, but I never really looked at it in the way you've portrayed.


I get a similar feeling from games that are close but not quite, or ones I mostly like but that have some aspect that just infuriates me... makes me wonder how I would fix it or approach the problem from a different angle. I actually make lists of positive and negative bullet points sometimes for games trying to understand what I like and dislike about them.