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Can you guys make the next version more postures?I mean its fun changing the clothes and all,but the girls stay that way...more girls or more postures.

Adding more poses to Session would require multiplying all character graphics (bodies, clothes, restraints, color variations etc). For example, if we added a hogtie pose to Session, we would have to draw all the graphics again to fit that pose, which basically means doubling the amount of character graphics in Session. There are already more than 580 separate character graphics in Session, and adding one more pose to every character would double that to more than 1160. That is the unfortunate reality of drawn 2D games :/
So while I see the appeal of having more pose options in Session, I'm afraid we're limited when it comes to resources, especially since we have also started working on Didnapper 2. It would sadly be too much work.

Alright...thanks for taking me seriously,it's still the best 2D bondage game I ever played(the ending is just so sweet),good luck with developing Didnapper2 :)