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Hi i'm the one who got 3:53 for any%. I'm trying to get the world record and i'm using the timer your using but the timer wont show on screen, do you know how to get it on screen?

OMG dude your back ive been waiting for your return if you have a youtube tell me. But if your using OBS is it recording right?

if not use OBS or if its not working tell me. Now do you use LiveSplit I mean you say you use it so ill go with yes. But idk because for me i click the livesplit then open up the window that i need it to be shown on.  so maybe minimize whatever browser you are using click on your timer and then click the browser again but pull it back up at the bottom of page?

I could only figure it out if maybe you recorded the problem and posetd it to your channel on youtube for me to see.

But after that is fixed if you do Any% runs submit them to leaderboard and I'd like to know if you'd ever do 100% or No Damage?

Btw I think Hold678 has mysteriously disappeared and he's the Knightin' Leaderboard Mod and the ONLY mod right now so idk when he'll be back but i'd say submit any runs you can submit!

No i don't have a youtube, OBS or LiveSplit so that might be the problem.

but i cant get a youtube. :( 

Also how does OBS work? Besides LiveSplit is not working...

Well do you have a timer? I mean LiveSplit is free and there are tutorial on youtube on how to download same with OBS unless you already have a recording software

Look Man im starting livestream so i'll put on the page for everyone to see i'll answer any question needed!

Here if you cant make youtube then you cant talk without an account

Soooo i'd just ask do you have a discord or can you make one or Maybe Skype perhaps?