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Hey there! I was wondering, if I wanted to publish an unofficial expansion or some missions or something, would you be alright with that/ how would you prefer I went about crediting you for the base game? I don't have anything set in stone yet but I have some ideas!!

I am all about people using, hacking and expanding on this or any of my games! I love that stuff! :-)
I don't care very much about how you mention me: "inspired by/based on T-DEF by Lari Assmuth" or pretty much whatever is fine! And it's not a requirement either but on principle I like it when people credit their sources of inspiration.

And if you do make something please tell me about it here or on twitter so I can come check out your project and boost it with what little reach I have! :-)


You rock, thanks man! I've posted it up on my page, hope you check it out!

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