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I used to put this visual novel off because I wasn't a fan of the art style but reading the summary made me try it. Looks shouldn't take priority so, decided to get over myself and try it. And, I was pleasantly surprised.

For starters, I was greeted by possibly the most delightful song I've ever heard in a visual novel's main menu. You(or your team) have lovely taste in music. :) The moment I heard the main menu music, I stayed there to listen to it entirely. :) Rest of the songs used in the visual novel were beautiful, went along with the theme/world of the visual novel and added to immersion. One of the few songs that took away from the immersion was the song used whenever Giacomo made an appearance, personally. The story was heartfelt and creative. It's charming and original. Loved the story of how Marco and Fia's grandmother met. Also loved the portrayal of how unforgiving the mafia world can be to anyone who is involved in it. And of course, loved the hog. xD Played Andino's route and enjoyed it. :)

Thank you for making such a wonderful visual novel and I hope to see more wonderful works from you. Now, I think I'll go and open your game just to listen to the main menu music. :D

(Please don't take my comment on the art style to heart. My comment on it doesn't matter when thinking about how an artist's art style can change with time, especially when you're a budding artist. xD)


Happy to hear you gave it a shot and enjoyed it! When I found the main menu song I knew it was perfect for the game, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it too. 🥰

Sorry about the art, though I'm glad it was something you were able to look past. It's definitely a common criticism I get and I've been actively trying to improve upon it, but well, those things take time. 😅

Thanks for playing!