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So I was really excited to play this game and opened it up for the first time. The controls were confusing at first but I eventually figured it out. After having it crash on me so many times I opened up the game again. However, none of the keys were working on the game-play. I have tried the esc. key and all the other keys that I had figured out with the game, but the graphics won't budge.

I'm so sorry to hear that my love! I made this game in three days and didn't end up editing it any further since I lost the data for it. 

I'm not sure why it would crash on you?? I'm so sorry to hear that agh I'll take a look into it if I can find my backup! I feel awful I'm so sorry to hear that the controls were giving so many issues :/ 

May I ask what you mean about the graphics not budging? Is it just freezing on you?

Yes. The game will freeze when I'm trying to preform a certain action. I haven't gotten too far in the game, but I was at the point were you are first learning to make a cake not long after your character wakes up.

Alrighty so that's never happened before? The cooking system has given some problems (I have  build that should fix it but its on another hard drive and I'm searching for it). Were you putting in ingredients before clicking cook? In this build of the game, there's a missing error catch that means if you click "Cook" before adding ingredients it would crash the game. The menu lacked clarity so many people didn't realize that the highlighted boxes were for ingredients, so when I find the file I'll release it and it should fix the issue. I've edited it for clarity and added the catch but I still have to upload.

That COULD be why since that's a common problem in the game. That's my best guess but if not then I'll have to look into it further. It was my first time coding a system for anything and three days to do so wasn't enough so I sincerely apologize for the problems you encountered!