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Is it normal that the music stops existing when you go to the audio settings?
- The game feels like it could be smoother/more fluid in its movements.
- Might be just me, but I'm really not a fan of action games that makes you use the mouse to move. I didn't feel comfortable at all since it required speed and all, which I find inappropriate for a game where you only have movements and don't actually need to click (aside for triggering the fire, but that could be done with another keyboard key)

Aside that, I like the design! Rather polished and the music isn't bad!

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Great feedback!

For the audio settings, yeah that's a bug that has been fixed in the Android version.  There was some serious optimizations that we did as well (basically our waves were doing 45,000 floating point ops per frame... Oops).  

Our primary platform is for Android which is why the controls are the mouse only.

If you have Android would be awesome if you could review that version as I think we addressed all of your concerns on it.

Thanks for your evaluation!