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I used this for online class! <3

My students said it was interesting and that it was a good way to demonstrate how sometimes we get to overthink things. But of course, I mentioned that this is how people who feel depersonalization might feel like (instead of only saying "this is how we overthink"). A little psychoed here and there. <3

I told them to play the game twice and see that somehow you can actually manage the dark clouds when you take time to dispatch them. Thank you for making games~


Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad your students found it interesting. What kind of class are you teaching?


I teach Socio Emotional Learning to students (10th grade) and at this time, the closest they can relate to a topic is when there are games involved. :) Some students did feel a little uneasy but yes I told them they can stop at anytime and can talk if they wanted to privately.