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i'm planning on using your keyboard asset pack for a game that im working on, and when i read the note that came along with it, it advised me to ask for permission when the pack needs some alterations. is it okay for me to slightly change the color of some of the keys and use it for my game? (being included in credits is not going to be the slightest of a problem)


Aaaah oops, I really need to edit the Terms because it's written in a confusing way, ahah.. The terms of use for all of my free icons are "CC by 4.0", so you're totally free to edit them! 

Thank you for asking permission though, it's really appreciated. :D And I'd love to see your game when it's done!


no problem, but it's still kind of early in developement so it may be released in a couple months... more or less. thanks for the art!