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I got this game on Steam & had a blast with it.  I loved all the paths, but I just wish we got more of the endings! I think the Charlotte ending felt complete, but Leopold's ending in particular was just begging for an afterword scene to find out how it all turns out. I would have also liked to have seen more ending-stuff for Sophia, secret character (lots more!), and even the prince. By the way - am I correct that there is no bottom right corner image on page 2? I am 99% sure I got them all, but you never know.

There were a few things I really loved about this VN: the protagonist has a real personality, all the other characters are multi-dimensional, and the romances take time to develop. 

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Hello, Achire, and thank you for the feedback. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the game overall and sorry you would have liked to see more of the endings for each of the characters.  

Endings are tricky. I find it can be hard to strike the right balance between giving too much detail, potentially describing a future that players did not want and leaving players to decide what comes next. That said, there is a potential sequel planned which continues the stories, if there is enough interest.

And yes, there is no CG where you mentioned - missing CGs are denoted by a dark pink rectangle. 

Thanks for playing