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Wow! This VN  was an incredible experience. The dialogue and writing were completely smooth, and the artwork simple yet immersive. The characters were all so realistic, and (as many have said) relatable, and it was a great call to switch the perspectives so that we played each of the main characters individually. It definitely made for a balanced experience and helped the reader to love and understand each of them, resulting in Noelle and Akarsha gaining the importance they deserve to the storyline.

One thing I want to praise in particular is that the sexual orientation aspect was positive and natural, not like the old stories which were always about how terribly hard it is to be gay. (After all, in a supportive community, being gay or behaving outside prescribed gender roles doesn't have to be so hard.) It's enjoyable to read a story in which the focus is on how hard it is to be human, which is something everybody has in common. Maybe even more importantly,  it's also a story about how friendship and laughter and opening up emotionally can turn the hardships of humanity into beautiful life experiences. 

After that bit of reflection, the take-away for me was a renewed feeling of respect and compassion for the courage and wisdom of childhood and adolescence, for surviving and supporting each other in their growth to young adulthood. Thank you for the creation of this beautiful novel.