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DUDE, I love this game so much!!! I was planning to just play for a bit and got so wrapped up in it that I played it all in one sitting (whoops)! I love the art and all the colors. I especially appreciate how the characters can change depending on your own preference. Personally, I don't see that a lot in dating sims, but it really made this game more fun! ^^ Also, I was able to relate to the main character (Teal) a lot (it almost made me think I had a secret Joyce on my computer listening to all my problems, lol). I struggle a lot with finding motivation to draw even though I really enjoy it. I haven't drawn in a while but after playing this, I feel more motivated than ever! I downloaded the app just so that I could be notified when the second part is uploaded. I can't wait! Keep up the good work!!! <3

Thank you!! We're really happy you like our game :D 
And it's great to hear that it made you feel motivated to draw! The struggle with motivation is a big aspect of Teal's character that was important to us to include so we're glad that the game could help you a little. 
Right now we're aiming for a release in August with part 2 so it's still a bit longer until it's done but we hope you'll like it when it's released!

Thanks for playing <3