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1: Take offs are confirmed in PW kick starter trailer
2: My Standard missiles hit target when fired from any axis. So Im not sure if you are targeting the flight lead who will usually evade the missiles.
3: At least a few of those aircraft are being worked on. Their outlines are shown in the kick starter funding page.
5: RB-D2 has responded to free flight in the past and stated he would put it in the game.
7: It's not safe to use names of aircraft  with no licensing arrangements because of potential legal liability.  Your example of F-15  Eagle as it just may seem like a military designation when its really a registered trademark from McDonald Douglas.  

Not trying to interject its just that these questions have been answered before.

Thanks for the heads up and for all the clarifications provided. With regard to #2 I was talking about the special weapons like the MLAA's ( Multi-lock Air to air missiles) as even when they're launched head on at an enemy target headed straight for me; they tend to try and hit the target in the rear (towards the engines) and in most cases miss .. rather than hit the target head on...

Okay.. to make it simpler; If the hit probability of special weapons like Multi-lock Air to air missiles (MLAA'S) could be improved; great

And one more thing. Please could you consider the use of a combination of both chaff and flares for missile countermeasures? Just one button releases both chaff and flares.. thanks.